don't let the door hit you on the arse, 2004

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope you had fun seeing it in.

I have to say we had fun... some good points from the night:

  • Trading text messages with friends in England - international texting rocks. Geek though I may be, I'm still impressed with that bit of technology. Somehow I didn't really expect text messages to work between nations :)
  • Catching train to party, hence able to drink!
  • Party interrupted with host proposing to his girlfriend (she said yes).
  • Drunk people doing the countdown, tragic but amusing.
  • Not overdoing the booze on my usually-driving tolerance level.
  • Hatching Of Plans™. More details as they arise.
  • Lift home! Yay!

Many many people agreed that they weren't so much welcoming 2005 as celebrating 'get fucked 2004'. I know my life packed in a whole bad year in the last three months. That said, I'm trying to stick with the idea That which does not kill us, makes us stronger. I've emerged on the other side having learned a lot about myself; not to mention a shmick haircut after nine years with a ponytail.

I didn't make resolutions for new year's... I made resolutions a while ago and basically I'm just sticking with them. In short, various Stuff has to Change. Making that happen is the hard bit, but hey - one step at a time :)



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