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  • Shareholders' group opposes tsunami donations. 07/01/2005. ABC News Online: Australian Shareholders Association ... spokesman Stephen Matthews says firms should not generally give without expecting something in return. ... He says corporate donations of any kind should not be made without the prior approval of shareholders. If he'd just stuck with the not-without-shareholder-approval line (which is actually a reasonable observation), he might not have come off sounding like a callous arsehole. While it's obvious that companies want good press from donations, it shouldn't be the only factor considered.
  • Rudd defends Latham's silence on tsunami. 07/01/2005. ABC News Online: Labor's foreign affairs spokesman, Kevin Rudd, has again defended party leader Mark Latham over his failure to make a public statement about the tsunami disaster in Asia. Mr Latham is again suffering from acute pancreatitis and has been ordered by doctors to remain in bed. This is such a fucking beat-up. At the end of the day, the Opposition should be most vocal when the Government is being lax. Unusually, Johnny is doing good things, so if Latham had been out talking about the issue he would have been criticised for trying to politicise the issue. Besides that, would it make an actual difference to have Latham agreeing (on camera) that the tsunami was a Bad Thing? The media have clearly decided to run the poor sod into oblivion, not making any concessions for the fact the guy is bloody sick.
  • | Microsoft offers free virus remover (January 7, 2005): Microsoft said the virus-removal program would not prevent computer infections and was never intended to replace the need for traditional antivirus software, such as flagship products from McAfee or Symantec. Errr.... read that back carefully. Perhaps it will make sense when you read on to... But a senior Microsoft executive confirmed the company's expected to start selling its own antivirus software, which would compete against programs from McAfee, Symantec and others. So... they'll give away a shit one which will not work and leave your computer riddled with viruses. Then they'll sell you the one which they claim will work. Should you trust this company?
  • Richard Gere's election appeal perplexes Palestinians. 06/01/2005. ABC News Online: 'I don't even know who the candidates are other than Mahmoud Abbas, let alone this Gere,' Gaza soap factory worker Manar An Najar told Reuters. 'We don't need the Americans' intervention. We know who to elect. Not like them - they elected a moron.' That's a real quote. It's brilliant.
  • Greater Union food ban is incredible, say moviegoers - National - Greater Union has defended its ban on people bringing their own food and drink into its cinemas, but moviegoers yesterday said it was unfair. There's only one solution: vote with your feet.
  • Sony outgadgets Apple - Technology - Electronics giant Sony unveiled its powerhouse entry into the hand-held gaming market, the long-awaited PlayStation Portable, [and it] is already fetching upwards of twice its retail price of $US190 ($A248) on eBay.


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