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  • Returned camera shows startling images of tsunami - Asia Tsunami - Photographer Bedu Saini took several photos of the tsunami before realising the enormity of the situation; when he stashed the camera and went to his family. Now the shots have been released.
  • | Local PeopleSoft chiefs depart (January 17, 2005): ORACLE'S takeover of PeopleSoft has had rapid consequence for the acquired company's local management team, with the majority of senior Australian executives given their marching orders.
  • Rich offenders laugh at fines - National - Rich people should pay bigger fines for speeding or parking illegally, a think tank has proposed. Basically an idea to prevent rich people shrugging off fines they can pay without noticing - the cost is no deterrent to them. Doubt it will get through though - if nothing else, the people who decide would all be on high incomes.
  • IOL: Front Page: Taipei - A shy Taiwanese woman saw her D-cup bust shrink back to an A-cup after receiving an acupuncture treatment for pimples on her face, a doctor said on Tuesday.


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