obligatory cat photo

there's a huge number of cat photos coming through photo journals at the moment. seems to be flavour of the month. so, what the hell, here's mine.

kippin cat

this shot was taken on 35mm in 1998 and submitted as part of my final photojournalism portfolio... basically because my tutor had said at the start of the year that he didn't want 'photos of your bloody cat'. i have a huge amount of respect for him, but i couldn't resist putting a cat photo in... especially for him. besides, it wasn't my cat ;) i never did get a photo of him, though (well, not that survived the darkroom - he tore up the negs of the shots of him).

grumpy bugger taught us brilliantly and if our work was shit, he told us. i'll never forget the day he said one of my shots was 'quite good'. i was so stunned - i still can't recall which shot it was. but i wanted to throw a party :)

Update: also posted at lj:photographers and lj:aussie_photos.



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