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i'm more than willing to complain when a company pissed me off. so it's only fair that i plug the hell out of companies which are great! :)

to anyone who wears glasses or contacts: get yourself to Iris Optometrists, Shop 12, 9 Sherwood Road, Toowong 4066. ph (07) 3870 0606. That's inside Toowong Tower - up the escalator from near the flower stand and in past the jeweller. their range, service and prices are fantastic.

last time i bought glasses i went to every shop in the city and felt like i was looking at the same shit over and over again; not to mention getting shitty attitude from most of the shop staff. i hated every minute.

this time i spent about 20 mins total and feel like i got glasses which suit me perfectly. Iris has lots of groovy frames, even their budget range is excellent. i got an extra pair made up from the cheapest range in the shop and they look great. i'll be wearing them as a 'second pair' and not hiding them as 'spares' (not bad for about $150 for complete specs).

basically their deal is stocking interesting stuff the big chain stores don't have; but their prices are as good or better. plus, they bulk-bill for eye tests. i don't even know any *doctors* who bulk bill any more.

to cap it off, they gave me a good specs case, cleaning cloth and lense cleaner; all of which cost me extra at the chain stores.

i can't recommend these people highly enough. go there!


Anonymous Anonymous  

January 23, 2007 5:35 am

I am going to be starting a search for new great looking fames soon and this is one of the only reviews for Iris I could find on the web.
Thanks for posting; I'll be sure to check out the Iris Centre in my area!

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