this is too true for a monday morning

Politics-Oriented Software Development || The person who identifies a problem is usually blamed for that problem ... someone who points out a problem early is a troublemaker; someone who fixes a problem at the last minute is a hero.

fuck it all, that quote summarises my work life as it stands right now. periodically i forget that being right doesn't matter a damn. it doesn't matter that i know exactly when something went pear shaped and tried to stop it happening, i'm the bad guy for not smiling and saying how wonderful it all is. apparently it's laudable to cheerfully let the same fuckups happen over and over again.

*sigh* here's me signing up to "Learn To Keep Your Fucking Mouth Shut 101". apparently i think too much and i definitely say too much. i need to mask what i think and say as little as possible. the stress might kill me, but at least i'll keep my job.


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