long weekend roundup

  • Saturday involved getting up late after very stupidly staying up late on Friday night. Then we packed in a fast-paced shopping mission and back home for frenzied activity... -L sewing, me getting ready to dj (still managed to leave some discs at home, damnit... not to mention my GUP order didn't arrive in time for the weekend :( stupid postal "service"). Last minute change of plans saw me scoffing a Subway (not a bad thing) and -L joining the rockluts at the restaurant formerly known as topolinos. I'm told the lamb shanks were great.
  • Picked up the Strange crew and got to the Alliance just in time to get all the gear up and running (I wish people would label mixer channels and amplifier dials :)). Threw in something just to practice and we looked up to find punters already coming in. 'Errr... you better just keep going then, play whatever you want!'. Oh really? :) Played a fun set of a moody/groovy stuff, lots of tracks you couldn't play later in the evening but suit the early times nicely.
  • Strange was great. Many compliments for both of my sets; my favourite being 'help! i need musical guidance...' (emailed my setlist to him later).
  • Again pondered the problem of getting people to dance to new stuff. New music will not bite, for fuck's sake... I had someone request PWEI, so I suggested Ich Bin Ein Auslander and they said something like 'well ok, even if it is new'. New? It came out in 1995! OK, so it's 'new' PWEI compared with stuff that came out in the early 90s and late 80s... but still...
  • Photographic insanity broke out sometime near 2am, sadly fading batteries slowed my flash recharge down and ruined several opportunities for good shots. Damn! Still, lots of fun had by all.
  • Tried to sleep in on Sunday but woke up after only a few hours and couldn't get back to sleep. Stayed in bed and read Pratchett for a couple of hours. Not really a substitute for sleep, but sometimes it's all you can get. Quiet day all up.
  • Woke up today with enough time for leisurely breakfast before heading off to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Movie was great. I think Douglas would have been pleased with how it turned out.
  • Car breaking down when we needed to get to the cinema was not so great. $165 later, I am mobile again. Stupid damn out-of-warranty-by-a-couple-of-months batteries.
  • No car = no shopping = no food at home... Dinner at the Pig with the rockluts was fun, though :) Mmmm steak, chips and Kilkenny. Not a patch on Hog's Breath though, will have to christen the Indro HB soon.
  • Unfortunately no car also meant no going to colinmo's place after the movie, as we had originally planned.
  • Continued computer geekery. Blissing out to some goa. Damn I want more goa tunes, but there's so much crap obscuring the good stuff it's hard to know where to look.
  • -L is now happily plugged into Sly 2, albeit with occasional enraged yells of 'what the fuck??'.


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