musical baton (full fat remix)

The baton was actually passed to me in my secret other life as a responsible adult. To keep things reasonable over there, I posted a short, short version. But here we have the full fat, high caffeine, supercharged and vastly overwritten set of answers to simple questions.

Total volume of music on my computer

We don't have fair use legislation in Australia just yet, so none. We have a couple of really crappy online stores available, but I haven't met the person that uses them yet. Yes, that does mean everyone in Australia who uses their iPod according to the advertising pitch is breaking the law. You rebels.

Well, actually, if you get someone in America to buy tunes for you and then email them to you or something... then your iPod might be legal.

Actually now that I think about it, there's quite a few megs worth of songs by local band Tycho Brahe on my hard drive. All entirely legal since I run the website and the website has them up for free download :)

Last CD I purchased

VNV Nation's new album Matter+Form. Hurrah for GUP mail orders... although apparently Rocking Horse Records now have it in stock. The order also included New Religion by, and Dial8 (single) by Velvet Acid Christ.

Playing right now

Nothing at this precise moment, so I'll have to backtrack.

Last played at home (where I am now): Man With No Name's Earth Moving the Sun. That was last night though.

Last played at work today: Paul Van Dyke's Out There and Back. I really love the tracks Another Way and Avenue so I picked up the album.

Played in the car on the way home: Coldplay's Rush of Blood to the Head. I hated Coldplay when their first album came out, but I love their new album. Apparently they went away and got good in between. I really only came around when I watched (on TV) a recording of their live show. EDIT: I am told they just brought out a new "new" album. So I should say 'hated the first, loved the second, no idea about the third'.

Five songs that mean a lot to me

Only five? :) I actually find these questions quite hard, because I like so much music and such varied music. I'll have a crack at it anyway...

  • We Stand Alone by Covenant (the industrial band, not the metal band). We Stand Alone is the song that I remember most from our interstate trip to see Covenant play in Sydney last year. We Want Revolution (also off Northern Light) gets an honourable mention since it was played on the radio that afternoon, making me truly realise I was in another city ;) (no way would that be played in Brisbane). The trip was a bit of a turning point in my life and it doesn't seem like a year ago at all. I was pretty confident they'd play We Stand Alone at the gig, but they waited a fair while through the set. I pushed forward through the crowd in anticipation and was only a few rows back from the stage when that awesome lead-in started. stand before the gates and watch metropolis / empires come and go we live forever / and eternity is in your hidden eyes / take my broken wings teach me to fly again... / I stand alone / we stand alone
  • Honour (Juno version) (off Moonraker IV) by VNV Nation. I had to choose from a stack of dancefloor anthems and what the hell, this song kicked off the DJ set I played once that kept the dancefloor packed for the entire timeslot. Now THAT is a rush. Some other dancefloor favourites that are worth a mention: Killing Fields (Guitar Fixer Mix) by Funker Vogt, Shop (USCWF remix) by Snog, Everything's Cool by Pop Will Eat Itself, Hey Boy Hey Girl by Chemical Brothers, Breathe by The Prodigy, Tanz Mit Laibach by Laibach, Chrome by VNV Nation, We Stand Alone by Covenant (everone plays Call the Ships to Port). OK, I have to stop now.
  • Peter Gunn off The Blues Brothers soundtrack (edging out She Caught the Katy, Boom Boom Boom, Sweet Home Chicago and Hold On I'm Comin). You can't deny it's a great piece of music; with that driving bass line and fat horn section, not to mention the series of solos (each of which I can remember note for note, even if it is hard to whistle along to a muted trumpet). The Blues Brothers is my enduring favourite movie and the music was a major influence in my choice to learn saxophone at high school. Unfortunately my CD of the soundtrack was remastered, which smoothed things out too much. I need to find an older, un-remastered copy that still has a raunchy rhythm & blues sound. Think (Aretha Franklin) gets a special mention as being the last song I ever played with my school's Stage Band (being the band that played all the rock, jazz, blues and swing; although honestly we really didn't play swing so well).
  • London Calling, Rock the Casbah and White Riot by The Clash. I refuse to choose ;) London Calling still reminds me of the time a friend was DJing (I was helping choose tracks) and he accidentally put the record on at high speed - very funny. Rock the Casbah was a favourite in high school and got played a lot while hanging out with my best friend. White Riot just somehow captures the outrageous energy of punk, plus it's a track I've drunkenly discussed with DJ Fat Tony (aka 'Bubs').
  • Queer by Garbage. I have a very clear memory from my first year of uni; playing the song before setting off to a night spent drinking and discussing life, the universe and everything under the fig trees at the Normanby hotel. The album was also played a lot around the time time I met a certain girl who is wearing a diamond ring these days.
  • Homesick by The Cure was my favourite song through high school (oh the angst, hand-forehead-nail!). It's a beautiful, wistful track which is musically very rich. Other Cure tracks that have to be mentioned: The Holy Hour, Open and Shake Dog Shake... and last but not least, their cover of Purple Haze.

I know that's somewhat more than five.

Passing the baton...

  • Relapse, since you will definitely have a different set of music to discuss :)
  • Nick, although I suspect you don't "do" memes ;)
  • webheadau, fellow compilation fiend.
  • ~Sen, particularly after this discussion :)
  • Blackbishop. I don't think we've discussed music yet...


Anonymous sen  

May 19, 2005 11:53 pm

ohhh, the cure doing jimi hendrix! that was on the cassette with the refridgerator on the front, right?

Blogger 200ok  

May 20, 2005 12:37 am

That's Three Imaginary Boys, but Purple Haze wasn't on that one...

As far as I know Purple Haze was created for the launch of Virgin Radio in the UK; then it was released on a Hendrix tribute; and I finally got my paws on it as part of the Join The Dots compilation.

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