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  • I'd link to budget stuff, but... it's all politicians arguing over whether people like tax cuts. Yes, we do. Even if it is only a few dollars a week, we'll take whatever crumbs the government is willing to let go of since it all helps. Yes, tax is unfair; yes, the rich avoid tax; yes, the government's idea of "low income" demonstrates how out of touch they are. No, we can't change it. So... yeah I'll take $6/week. That's $312/year to help pay for private health cover, since the Medicare levy is extorting it out of me anyway.
  • Australia 'going soft' on whale slaughter - World - / Govt urged to fight whale hunting plan. 14/05/2005. ABC News Online: Japan wants to restart the hunting of humpback whales under what it calls its scientific culling program. Australia won't do a thing about it, since all we have to work with is Alexander bloody Downer. Japan won't stop hunting whales until they are forced to do so, the whalers have zero conscience about it so moral pressure won't work.
  • Saddam may write memoirs from jail. 14/05/2005. ABC News Online. Remember Saddam?
  • Music fans bombard scalpers on website - Technology - Basically people are pissed off at tickets being resold at vast prices on eBay. Problem with the proposed solutions is that they all require the person who bought the ticket to go to the show. That is, if you can't go you can't give or sell your ticket to someone else. Which sucks. Unless events offer to buy back tickets or resell them for the ticket holder, tickets will continue being resold later. You won't stop scalpers either way, you'd just make life hard for people who just want their money back on gigs they can't attend.
  • Schoolgirl punished for Muslim dress - National - No, that's crap. The girl is being punished for not following the rules set out by her school. All she has to do is produce a fucking note from her parents, but they'd rather beat it up into a religious debate. Schools are utter sticklers for rules and that's the whole story.
  • Roaring success on film | Movies | Breaking News 24/7 - (14-05-2005). The Narnia books are being made into movies. Watch the Christian lobby groups happily ignore the use of magic, violence, etc... since there is a fairly open Christian interpretation of the storyline.


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