not a surprise

Corby sentenced to 20 years jail. 27/05/2005. ABC News Online:

Schapelle Corby has been found guilty by a Bali court of importing a narcotic into Indonesia, sentenced to 20 years in jail and fined $13,875.

Judge Linton Sirait said Corby had 'legally and convincingly carried out a crime'.

As the verdict was read, Corby lost her composure, slapping her head with her hands, sobbing in disbelief.

Corby's legal team has already indicated it will appeal. Prosecutors in the case say they will appeal the sentence, saying it is too lenient.

I thought they'd hand down life. Now I guess we'll see if the prisoner transfer idea goes through, to have her serve her time here in Australia. If that happened it would be interesting to see if Australian parole applied, or if Indonesia would insist on the full term as defined by their court. It's unlikely that the Australian Goverment will show any real determination to make it happen.

Corby doesn't look like she'll survive 20 years in a Balinese jail.


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