[NB: people who don't watch State of Origin can just skip this one. That's fair warning, ok :)]

Qld edge NSW in thriller (May 25, 2005): Queensland 24 def. NSW 20.

Origin football doesn't get much better than that! Comebacks, lead shifts, one point margins, drop goals and a golden point try from an intercept.

So I rang my Dad to have a yahoo about it :)

I'd forgotten it was golden point these days. A draw would have been an entirely accurate result: two teams that couldn't defeat each other. But I don't mind golden point so much when it's a try. *shrug* Allow draws, golden point, full extra time... it'll never be resolved.

Then there's Carl Webb monstering his way into Origin's Most Feared in the space of three tackles. Yikes. He's got the strength of Webcke and the fire of Tallis. Then of course every one of the Cowboys on the team made a huge impact; and to be fair, once again Minichiello showed just how good he is. Pity he plays for the blues.

On another note, my favourite Origin moment is clearly many other peoples' favourite too: FOX SPORTS | League | The top 25 Origin moments (May 25, 2005): No.1 Maroons back from the dead, Game 1, 1994. Mark Coyne finishes a sweeping, long-distance movement in the dying seconds to give the Maroons a heart-stopping win. [other favourites would be No.9 Alfie's Comeback, Game 3, 2001 & No.23 Maroons Silence Doomsayers, Game 1, 2001]

I'll never forget that try. Dad had gone to bed thinking the game was over, only to come dashing back out to see why I was cheering. Just goes to show an Origin match is never over until the players leave the field :)


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