roundup. with links.

puccini pizza pasta gelati bar. go there. original plan at work today was for puccini lunch, but nobody could be arsed driving to pick it up. yes, we're lazy shites. out of the blue L met up with a friend at work (well, at the bar near her office), who then needed a lift back to within a few streets of puccini.

pissing rain, tired, L hasn't really had puccini pizza properly... join the dots. plus there's tiramisu and chocolate gelati in the freezer. i shall have to find a long spoon to eat the tiramisu*.

and there's more beer in the fridge. hmm. tough life.

went out in the valley last night. sadly we were running late and didn't get to bar soma, i was disappointed as they had a chunky tumbler of ice and Jameson irish with my name on it ;) had been looking forward to it all day, but hey shit happens. as a sidenote so you don't think i'm some kind of 'only drinks off the top shelf poser' (hah, well you probably will anyway): since i'm usually driving, i can only have a couple of drinks. so when i get bored of light beer it's nice to get a shot of something really nice on ice and sip it slowly. that way it's not actually that much of a compromise :)

met up with friends outside new york slice and trundled down to the zoo to meet up with friends from the UK and catch their friend's band glasshouse. they played a tight and energetic set, although i found myself playing 'pick the influences' as their style is still evolving to become their own. is that harsh? hope not, they really were pretty good. zoo bar has no top shelf, accidentally ordered Jim Beam (they only had white, too) instead of Jack Daniels. bleagh.

after the bands the zoo turned on the lights and some of the worst piped in music i've ever heard. we ran away screaming "faaarrrrk! the suicide music!" and went to Ric's. weird thing is i'd never been there. i'd been past and heard the number of people in there and always assumed it was huge in there. holy fuck it's a broom cupboard. can't get over it. no top shelf there either but at least the scotch was drinkable.

much sillyness all through the night and many insane photos, some of which even turned out. thinking of stealing our friends' passports so they can't go home :)

getting to work today was a challenge |-)

[ * well done to anyone who gets the tiramisu reference.]


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