snippy about IE

The previous post about Internet Explorer was clearly snappier than I really intended ;) I do stand by the principles of what I said though... IE really is a bad thing.

A few people asked for more info though... so...

  • It's the worst browser in terms of security: Wired News: Mozilla Feeds on Rival's Woes discusses the time CERT issued a formal warning... strongly suggesting that users of Microsoft's Internet Explorer should switch to another Web browser, due to "significant vulnerabilities"
  • Other browsers are just better to use... IE is old and busted software which hasn't been seriously updated in years (as i once said, imagine if Ford and Holden hadn't released a new car since 1973). Features which are standard on competing browsers just aren't there for IE - in particular popup blocking, tabbed browsing and anti-phishing measures.
  • I personally recommend Opera 8, although some people may be deterred by the Google ads in the free version (yeah, you guessed it, I have the paid version). Opera has long been the leader in browser innovation - tabbed browing? They did it years ago. Popup blocking, years ago. Full user customisation... years ago... you get the idea :)
  • There's a specific guide to Switching from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox for those that are interested.

Of course I'd be talking shit if I didn't point out that changing browsers is about a quarter of what the average 'out of the box' Windows user needs to do in order to protect their computer (yeah, it's a pain in the arse - so is servicing your car). Realistically it's only a major issue if you shop online or do your banking online.

Oh yeah... if everyone stopped using IE, web developers would be very happy :) But I don't expect people to seriously care about web standards.


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