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  • Subaru's new nose - Top Stories - CARSguide storypage. Subaru is taking an interesting approach... ignore what everyone says based on photos, in the hope that everyone will change their mind when they see the car for real. Bold new challenge or just another bugeyed impreza? Time will tell. Update: time certainly told for me, since I ended up buying one! Impreza 2.0R that is.
  • This is Not the Title of This Essay. I'll admit I get lost in the mathematics, but the discussion of paradox is still interesting. I would tend to say no matter what, humans are paradoxical creatures and will introduce paradox into any system they attempt to create.
  • Boing Boing: Future of DIY drugs. Basic idea: in 35 years time the war on drugs will simply be gone, because the drugs we currently know will disappear. The prediction is a growth of super-specific designer drugs, some possibly manufactured by the users. More general drugs will most likely created in local labs, ending large scale production and trafficking. Not sure I think it will come to pass, but it makes for interesting reading.


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