bring on the cybernetics

I'm sick of the meat.

Well, more to the point, the meat is sick. So fucking damn fucking sick that I've had to cancel my plans to go see the Broncos home-ground quarter final against the Storm. See, Tuesday morning I snapped up three tickets, my shout, to take my father and brother along. Much happiness.

By Wednesday morning I was sick. Again. Relapsing flu/headcold thing. Fuck.

Thought I'd be better by now, but if anything I'm worse. So now I'm sitting at home tonight watching it on tv and - to my extreme surprise - my anti-football mum is going in my place. At least she'll know what we're on about, although I'm not sure how she'll cope with the catering options :)

Disappointed? Hell yes. Stupid body. I didn't give it permission to get sick. Of course, I didn't slow down during the Sydney trip nor did I miss VNV Nation and Tycho's gig at Ric's last week. So I guess on average I'm doing ok. Need to recover properly though. Web Essentials '05 coming up in just a couple of weeks! Can't be sick for Sydney again.


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