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  • Muslim community expresses concern over anti-terrorism laws. 11/09/2005. ABC News Online: Members of Sydney's Muslim community have used a public meeting to express concerns over the Federal Government's proposed anti-terrorism laws. Prime Minister John Howard has used the fourth anniversary of the September 11 terrorism attacks to bolster his case for the new laws. We should all be worried about this. Australia seems to follow America in most things, the rampant loss of civil rights is apparently no different. / Politicians 'stoking anti-Muslim hysteria' - National - Politicians had fuelled anti-Muslim hysteria sparked by terrorists who'd 'hijacked' Islam, a Muslim leader has told an anti-terrorism summit.
  • Bush allies secure post-Katrina rebuilding contracts. 11/09/2005. ABC News Online: Companies with ties to the White House and the former head of FEMA have clinched some of the administration's first disaster relief and reconstruction contracts in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.
  • Bush's ratings hit all-time low. 11/09/2005. ABC News Online: His approval rating stands at 38 per cent, while some 52 per cent of Americans polled said they lacked confidence in Mr Bush's ability to make sound decisions in a crisis, whether domestic or international.
  • Petrol price tipped to peak at $1.45. 11/09/2005. ABC News Online: The Australian Tourism and Transport Forum [managing director, Christopher Brown] ... is calling on the state and federal governments to re-invest some of the taxes they collect from fuel into the public transport system.
  • Joyce not sold on Telstra guarantee - National - Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce will not commit to supporting the full sale of Telstra despite Government assurances a $2 billion fund to pay for improved telecommunications services in the bush is guaranteed.
  • 'Dive' has Broncos fuming at Orford - League - Sport - Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett last night accused Melbourne halfback Matt Orford of conning video referee Chris Ward by 'taking a dive' to ensure a crucial Broncos try was disallowed in the Storm's gripping second qualifying final victory. Keep in mind this is the same referee who gave a penalty against the Broncos after two Storm players ran into each other and knocked themselves down; and allowed a try by the Storm despite an obvious forward pass. He also got in the way after a scrum and prevented the Broncos gaining possession of a loose ball. The standard of referreeing this season has been atrocious. I genuinely think bad calls have turned several games against the Broncos this year (the Storm coach even admits the call in question was the game's turning point: FOX SPORTS | League | Bennett says Orford conned refs (September 11, 2005)). Even taking my own bias into account there are just too many calls being made which are shown to be totally wrong in the replay. To be fair, in some cases the Broncos made errors which would otherwise have secured the game even in spite of the reffing; but you should never have to win despite the efforts of the game officials. I've also noticed players on all sides are being penalised for "backchat" if they so much as ask the referee for clarification. The referees know they're getting it wrong and they're overcompensating.


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