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  • Howard delighted as Telstra sale cleared. 15/09/2005. ABC News Online: Prime Minister John Howard says he is delighted the Senate has finally passed legislation to sell Telstra. In the end, wavering Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce backed the full privatisation of the telco. I guess a) the farmers' federation thing WAS just to pressure Joyce into caving; and b) telecommunications in this country are fucked. Acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile believes the approval of the legislation will trigger a huge investment in communications for the bush. What fucking planet is Vaile from? ...and how fucking stupid does he think we are?
  • Latham 'emotionally unstable' - National Breaking News - Breaking News 24/7 - ABC host Andrew Denton said today former Labor leader Mark Latham was emotionally unstable and one of the most conflicted public figures he had ever met. ... He said he was concerned that Mr Latham's insight into Australian politics might now be dismissed. ... "He has some very coded relevant things to say about the dysfunctionality of politics, Labor politics in particular, and the media and politics, and I don't think they should be dismissed but I fear they will be."
  • Fuel sales drop 5 per cent - Fuel pressure - Breaking News 24/7 - PETROL consumption across Australia fell by almost 5 per cent in the past week as motorists backed away from record pump prices. Probably lots of people capping the cost and putting in 3/4 tanks instead of filling up. I wouldn't be surprised if consumption goes up by 5% next week when people simply can't put it off any longer and fill up their car.
  • 'Caveman diet' to stay slim - The Other Side - Breaking News 24/7 - The Warrior Diet mirrors the eating habits of our cave-dwelling ancestors, who tended to eat just one big meal a day after killing their prey. It sounds plausible, but the other thing our ancestors did was exercise. Plonk the cavemen behind a desk all day and I'd bet they'd put weight on. They ate once a day after the hunt, ie. they literally ran around all day to get food.
  • Govt slaps peace activist with $11,000 travel bill. 16/09/2005. ABC News Online: The Australian Government has charged an American peace activist who was removed from Australia yesterday $11,000 for sending him back to the US. That's just bizarre. If you deport someone, you removed the choice from them. You don't get to charge them as if it was a fucking holiday tour. Not to mention the fact that nobody has given any clear reason that he was a risk to national security in the first place.
  • Why Dubya minds his pees and queues - The World - Breaking News 24/7 - Confirmation: Dubya doesn't do *anything* without getting help from his advisors. Also of note: at the UN, the discuss the cricket before world peace. So to speak.


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