around the traps

  • Startling Visa bill makes sense, cents for Port St. Lucie: PORT ST. LUCIE - When city officials went shopping for a $15 million turnpike interchange, they had two simple words for the contractor: 'Charge it.' In what is believed to be the first highway interchange ever built with plastic, the city is using a Visa card to buy materials and pay contractors to build a bridge and interchange at Florida's Turnpike and Becker Road, a two-year project that will cost $24 million overall and net the city $125,000 in cash-back awards.
  • Time for car ads to get real: ACCC - The Nation - Breaking News 24/7 - CAR makers and dealers have one week to drop advertisements that deliberately understate the value of cars by hiding stamp duty and dealer delivery charges, or face massive fines from the consumer watchdog.
  • Gothic Charm School | Tourist Season in GothyLand: Many non-gothy types, when they decide to go to the local spooky club, are doing so because they want to feel transgressive or 'naughty'. ... Going to a goth club is a lot like going to an amusement park for them, with zanily-dressed characters and the thrill of flirting with what looks dangerous, but really isn't. I'll always remember a particular night at the (pre-busway) Normanby Hotel; when some drunk normals yelled insults out the window half the night (from the public bar upstairs), then came downstairs after the bar closed and tried to pick up the same girls they'd been insulting. Poor, confused sods.
  • Dilbert 2005.11.22 ... this is the ultimate Dilbert cartoon, really :)
  • Mitsubishi has a winning hand - The Nation - Breaking News 24/7 - The newly released Mitsubishi 380 was judged best in its large car class by the combined motoring clubs of Australia. Good news for Mitsubishi Australia I guess. Sounds like their entire future is riding on sales of this car.
  • BBC NEWS | Asia-Pacific | Door thwarts quick exit for Bush. The look on his face is priceless. You couldn't script this shit.
  • a softer world 2005.11.25