dear america, by araquel

From Exit, pursued by a bear. - Letter to America:

Dear America,

I'd like to think I don't ask much from you. Just simple things like "don't blow up the world", "don't make any more Police Academy movies", and "please fire Paris Hilton into the heart of the sun"... Stuff like that. Your track record so far hasn't been great, but you haven't blown up the world (yet), so I figure we're doing okay, on balance.

It's been a couple of years since the last time I asked you to do something a little tricky, and I have to say you let me down badly. In hindsight, though, I admit that perhaps I was a little unclear in my request - it's quite possible that "don't vote for a fricking retard" may have been a bit too non-specific at the time.

But now I'm pretty sure you've figured out the hard way what I meant by that and, while I feel bad asking for the same thing twice, I have to ask you to do that exact same thing again when the handful of you who actually vote go out tomorrow with the warm glow of democracy warming your little hearts.

So this time, please, try not to fuck it up.



He says it so well.


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