2006 - a late recap

[Started writing this coming up to NYE...]

It's been a hell of a year. It has in fact been so big I really only remember the last six months. The first six months are just kind of a blur. Here's an attempt at a recap...

  • Moved to Sydney, which included:
    • interstate job interviews and negotiations
    • quitting at Griffith after six years
    • moving interstate for the first time
    • driving long distance for the first time
  • Spoke at Web Directions South, which rocked and included:
    • catching up with wonderful people i met last year
    • meeting heaps of new people; and even managing to remember a few names ;)
    • the surreal experience of seeing your own name written on the wall/program/website/etc.
  • Continued postgrad study:
    • only did Semester I, Sem II was deferred on the off chance of moving interstate.
    • that one subject had us running a full day symposium, which unexpectedly gained John Allsopp as the keynote. That rocked and was actually an interesting day, despite all the work.
    • got another 7.
  • An old friendship broke down, which sucked. I miss them a lot.
  • Also lost contact with some other friends, which sucked. I miss them too.
  • Moving has initiated an ongoing "purge of useless shit":
    • We discovered that things which seemed important instantly get binned when faced with the prospect of paying to move them 1000km.
    • So far we've taken three carloads of stuff to vinnie's this year. Two in Brisbane, one down here. When I say carloads, I mean as much as an Impreza 5-door can fit. On two loads the car was too full for a passenger - I went on my own.
    • With every useless bit of crap that gets binned (or potentially useful thing that gets donated) I feel better.
  • There must have been some gigs in there somewhere, but I really don't remember any. Weird.
    • ...actually there was the Silhouette Series at the Powerhouse in Brisbane. Tycho Brahe, Ponyloaf, Replikant, Victor XRay. All good.
  • Holiday to Melbourne in April! Jeez, how do you forget something like that? Big year I guess.
    • Lots of comedy shows, we went during the comedy festival
    • Lots of food
    • Lots of shopping
  • Went to the NRL Grand Final with Dad, saw the Broncos win. That's about as good as it gets for a footy fan :)

OK... I'm sure there was more but I can't really think of it (or can't really post it), so I think I'll just post this and be done! ;)



Blogger Amaya  

January 09, 2007 9:44 am

Drop me an email at amaya at cyber goth geek dot net to organise some actual catch up time since I'm back in the country.

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