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  • drjon: There can be only one (M&M battle).
  • Wired 8.07: Welcome to Sealand. Now Bugger Off. (Sealand is currently for sale)
  • This video has been removed at the request of copyright owner NBC Universal because its content was used without permission. On the one hand, fair enough - it's their content after all. On the other hand, nobody's seeing their content. Instead of watching some funny stuff with an NBC logo on it, I just sort of think NBC are dicks. That'd be the tension of Web 2.0MFG, right there...
  • Race row rocks Open | Herald Sun: A VIOLENT clash between rival Serb and Croat supporters has rocked the opening day of the Australian Open at Melbourne Park. Violence at the tennis, eh. Something to remember next time someone claims that it's only football fans who are hooligans.
  • The Whiteboard, a vaguely paintball webcomic by "Doc" Nickel - 2006-09-13
  • Beware: Nissan pr0n ahead. ZCAR.COM | Car Talk Forum - Yowzaa...Nismo fest pics 56k no-no. I'll have one of each Skyline R34. Hell, throw in a Z.
  • Beyond Bruce: 2006 BMW Sauber F1 Steering Wheel - Jalopnik. Bloody hell.
  • This was sent to me with the email subject "cute but useless": works_PC GADGET. I mention it mostly because it sparked the following conversation...
    Andrew K. says:
    OMFG!!! I must have one!!!
    heretic says:
    heheheheh i'm thinking of people who wouldn't know what to do if they came back to their workstation to find it being humped....
    Andrew K. says:
    no really, i MUST have one... I'm looking at the site now trying to work it out ;)
    heretic says:
    heretic says:
    i'm thinking of using the same basic setup for band-specific headbanging dudes
    heretic says:
    that would be awesome!
    Andrew K. says:
    heretic says:
    although for early chilli peppers you'd need the kiedis figure's head to revolve, for the long-hair whirlwind effect
    heretic says:
    the henry rollins figure would actually break your computer
    Andrew K. says:
    and it's neck would be the thickest part
    heretic says:
    heretic says:
    iggy pop would be hinged from the ankles
    Andrew K. says:
    ..and marilyn manson would just twitch randomly every once in a while
    heretic says:
    heretic says:
    shoegazer bands like curve would have no moving parts
    Andrew K. says:
    "Caution: contains no moving parts"
    heretic says:
    heretic says:
    emo bands would be the same
    heretic says:
    pop will eat itself would jump up and down in the classic pogo
  • Cha Cha - human-assisted search results.
  • Aussie broadband a 'disgrace' | The Courier-Mail: AUSTRALIA'S internet infrastructure is a 'disgrace' which the Federal Government must fix, News Corporation chairman and chief executive Rupert Murdoch said yesterday. ... 'We're being left behind and we'll pay for it,' he warned.
  • Tokyo Plastic (flash). Pretty (yeah that's it). Have a look at 'music box' under 'bits and pieces'.
  • From the culture that brought us 1984 and Brazil:
  • UnitedVisualArtists - Volume at the V&A. Awesome installation. Absolutely awesome. I'd love to see this set up to use the EQ off MP3 players - let random people plug in their ipods...
  • ...and this one just for the headline: Paris Hilton: Still Dumber Than Shit - Jalopnik.


Anonymous Anonymous  

January 17, 2007 9:34 am

My lawyers will be in touch shortly regarding the unauthorised use of what was intended as a private communication.

You gonna get pwn'd.

Anonymous Anonymous  

January 17, 2007 3:12 pm

Dunno about that ChaCha thing. Isn't what they are talking about just a spin on the old indexes rather than searches (ie early yahoo). Also, the 'how to be a guide' page reads a bit cultish or ponzi.

Blogger 200ok  

January 17, 2007 3:47 pm

@Andrew K: are you responsible for the winged monkeys in suits hovering outside the office??! hmm! :)

@Matt: it came across as a new cottage industry (with strong overtones of sweatshop). Apparently the staffers can "specialise" and pick up searches for topics they know well. So Metalheads answer metal posts, patchwork quilters get quilting searches...

So it's not hugely different from indexes, just taken to the next level of spoonfeeding.

Anonymous Anonymous  

January 17, 2007 4:50 pm

heretic says: i'm thinking of using the same basic setup for band-specific headbanging dudes

Let me know how the Ozzy Ozbourne and Kurt Cobain ones work out.

From the culture that brought us 1984 and Brazil:

I'm genuinely impressed how it combines the artistic style of WWII propaganda with dystopian '50s pulp Sci-fi paranoia.

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