I guess the score was low since I don't roast my own beans and I generally have just one coffee per day; it just has to be a good one.

Actually I just realised I fudged the question about grinding my own beans since we actually get them ground at the roastery* then keep the coffee in a vacuum container (as in, we suck the air out of it). We used to grind on demand but our grinder wasn't good enough for use with the espresso machine...

Guess what we're buying next? :) A good grinder.

[* In Sydney we go to Tobys Estate; in Brisbane it was Aroma's (direct from the roastery at West End), Merlo or Cosmopolitan Cafe (we'd sometimes grab it on the way home after gigs/clubs and let me tell you... you get some interesting looks walking through the Brunswick Street Mall at 3am holding a kilo of coffee).]



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