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  • A Softer World: 465 - Give me liberty...
  • Delicate Genius Blog | BlindSearch: the results are in. BlindSearch is a blind search comparison between Google, Yahoo and Bing. Users rate which results they prefer before finding out which engine produced the results. After 559,239 queries the results are Google: 41%, Bing: 31%, Yahoo: 28%. I've said it before, Google is not invincible - it's possible for other companies to build a better search; or even just simply for Google to just lose its marketshare for some other reason entirely. Will it be the Bing and Bingo-powered Yahoo search? Well I'd be surprised, but it's feasible. Something, one day, will defeat Google's dominance. I'm not trying to be nasty or gleeful, and I can also imagine Google (Search) being killed by some other product produced by Google. But we should always remember that the previous search giants were killed by a couple of college kids with a great idea.
  • Op-Ed Columnist - Swan Songs? -, mostly for the graphic of music sales ('value of units') according to media. CDs are dying out, but according to this it's just the same as 8-track, LP and cassettes. The difference this time is that the music industry isn't making money off the new medium. They fucked up completely and instead of selling music on the new medium, they tried to suppress the new medium and sue everyone using it. Imagine if they'd done that with CDs?
  • BBC NEWS | Europe | Turkey demolition goes wrong - it's really quite extraordinary to see the building just roll over like that. Guess it was built tougher than they realised!
  • History of the Australian web revealed - mUmBRELLA: An ambitious website showing an animation of the growth of web usage in Australia has today gone live. ...the visualisation is interesting (click through to play with it directly), but it's hard to make much immediate sense of anything other than the biggest players. Also keep in mind this is based on Nielsen data so it's only tracking the really big sites that happened to use Nielsen for stats. For all that, it's still interesting...


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