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  • Wikipedia’s Lamest Edit Wars
  • Woman Wears 6 Items Of Clothing For A Month -- Nobody Notices - The Consumerist: Wondering how many clothing items you really need? The answer may be 6. Well, probably not, but it is rather interesting that one woman went a month with only 6 items of clothing and nobody, not even her husband (who does the laundry) even noticed.
  • Embedded software speak � DadHacker: What’s the difference between a fuck-ton and last week’s estimate of a metric buttload? I've had that conversation. I think in particular someone wondered why I'd specified a *metric* shitload. Precision, people! ;)
  • Worth it even just for the last bit. "Uhhh shit." "How are you going to get *back*?"

  • girl quits job on dry erase board | theCHIVE ... which is funny, but turns out to be a hoax. But she claims she now has a million facebook friends so the actress hasn't really lost... and theCHIVE already have their page impressions (=money). So does the internet really punish fakes? Not always, it seems. Are we getting better at identifying fakes? Well, this one felt a bit polished but I think most people kind of wanted it to be true. It got retweeted quite a bit before anyone really started thinking about whether it was true. It wasn't hard news, it's not like people really do background checks.
  • lioness looking at porcupine. caption: Blanch had learned that all life’s quandries boiled down to one simple question: exactly how bad do you want it?
  • Delayed sleep phase syndrome - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: Delayed sleep-phase syndrome (DSPS) ... is a circadian rhythm sleep disorder, a chronic disorder of the timing of sleep, peak period of alertness, the core body temperature rhythm, hormonal and other daily rhythms, relative to societal requirements. Some people really are just wired to stay up late.


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