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  • The Pool Room - Facebook runs on a very stiff, crude model of what...: Facebook runs on a very stiff, crude model of what people are like. It herds everybody — friends, co-workers, romantic partners, that guy who lived on your block but moved away after fifth grade — into the same big room. It smooshes together your work self and your home self, your past self and your present self, into a single generic extruded product. It suspends the natural process by which old friends fall away over time, allowing them to build up endlessly, producing the social equivalent of liver failure. On Facebook, there is one kind of relationship: friendship, and you have it with everybody. You’re friends with your spouse, and you’re friends with your plumber.
  • The Cooper Journal: Explaining pair design (metaphorically): At Cooper, we’re quite fond of pair design as a way to get to the highest quality design quickly. ... Over the years, two specific roles have evolved out of this paired practice. ...generator and synthesizer.
  • LEUCHTPUNKTORDNUNGEN : :STEPHAN TILLMANS PHOTOGRAPHIE: The Luminant Point Arrays show tube televisions in the moment they are swithed off. The television picture breaks down and creates a structure of light.
  • Stop Lying About What You Do | Shmuel, a Flickr user and copywriter, put together this excellent bingo card of lies publishers tell themselves, willfully or not. The Ur-comment is at bottom right: “Evidence that doesn’t fit my beliefs is wrong.” What is extraordinary is that this continues even when we ourselves are generating the evidence, when we are our own exceptions. We prejudge endlessly. Because we have not experienced the emotions that new technologies trigger we assume that they will be less powerful than the emotions we already know. Just because we haven’t had these feelings yet.


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