around the traps

  • Dark Roasted Blend: The Jewish Engineer Behind Hitler's Volkswagen: 'The Extraordinary Life of Josef Ganz' tells the astonishing story of Josef Ganz, a Jewish engineer from Frankfurt, who in May 1931 created a revolutionary small car: the Maik√§fer (German for May Bug). Seven years later Hitler introduced the Volkswagen. The Nazis not only 'took' the concept of Ganz's family car - their production model even ended up bearing the same nickname. In this biography, which reads like a thriller, Schilperoord tells how Ganz was arrested by the Gestapo, then fled Germany, and was hunted by the Nazis beyond Germany's borders, narrowly escaping assassination.
  • Industrial Artifacts - furniture made of industrial objects.
  • Writing's on the wall for vandals: Under the agreement, the council and the state government would each commit $2 million to the Brisbane City Council's Taskforce Against Graffiti program over four years. $2m in four years eh? Guess he didn't axe the $244k/year literary awards to save money, he needed some tax dollars to pursue his personal-opinion-based war on street art. He must think he's a genius right now. Apparently Newman's utopia involves empty walls and less books.
  • Feynman's Nobel Ambition: So I got this new attitude. Now that I am burned out and I'll never accomplish anything, I've got this nice position at the university teaching classes which I rather enjoy, and just like I read the Arabian Nights for pleasure, I'm going to play with physics, whenever I want to, without worrying about any importance whatsoever. ...which is how at least one person won a Nobel Prize.
  • A Professional Recording Studio in an Unbelievably Tiny Room: He created a second set of walls made of two layers of drywall, bonded together with a polymeric gel called Green Glue, which blocks up to 90 percent of sound transmission. On top of the existing floor, Shah added foam, a sheet of rolled lead, carpet padding, and a carpet on top. Neil added a second door, which seals magnetically. The renovation cut precious inches into the limited space, but it worked. Even with a baritone saxophone wailing, Shah gets no complaints from downstairs.
  • Obvious Winner - Bathroom Overlooking a 15 Story Elevator Shaft Scares the Sh!t Out of Me
  • Google's Accessibility Message Comes Through Loud and Clear | Emerging Technologies Librarian: One quite common use of images by persons who are blind is in asking for help. They can grab a screenshot showing where they are stuck using an application, post it online or email it to a friend, and then ask a sighted person how to navigate the part they are having trouble finding. Without the ability to share images, they are largely dependent on waiting for someone to come visit them in person, which may take hours or days. Can you imagine how incredibly frustrating that is? And what a tremendous waste of productive time?
  • Addams Family screentests - Back in 1964, photographer Bill Ray took a series of photos on the set of what appears to be a number of screen tests for the cast of The Addams Family. John Astin can be seen as Gomez in some of the shots and he was evidently a given, but each of the other characters has at least three actors trying out for the part, in full costume and make-up.