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  • Kelefa Sanneh: Reinventing a Great Scotch Distillery : The New Yorker: Reynier devised a modest plan to save his favorite spirit: he would buy the distillery. Every year, he wrote to the parent company, and every year he was told that it wasn't for sale. In 1994, the distillery was shut down - the industry term is "mothballed" - but the answer didn't change until 2000. By then, Bruichladdich belonged to Jim Beam Brands, which was willing to violate the Scottish taboo against inviting outsiders into the whisky business. Reynier put together fifty investors, who paid six and a half million pounds for a remote distillery that was almost defunct. On December 19, 2000, Reynier became the chief executive officer. A long but fantastic tale about my current favourite distillery.
  • The Incredible Sculptures Of Gibbs Farm | localflux
  • Map of Metal
  • Iceland tests find meat pies contain no meat at all - World - CBC News: When officials in Iceland began hearing about horsemeat being secreted into beef products around Europe, they decided to run tests to ensure the same thing wasn't happening in Iceland. Icelandic meat inspector Kjartan Hreinsson says his team didn't find any horsemeat, but one brand of locally produced beef pie left it stumped: it contained no meat at all. (next we can watch as Pie Face sue the fuck out of them for using a photo of their product with a miniscule disclaimer that it's not their pies being discussed...)
  • What Coke Contains | Medium: The number of individuals who know how to make a can of Coke is zero. The number of individual nations that could produce a can of Coke is zero.
  • How to remember someone's name | Dadhacker: 1. Ask for their name. 2. Use the person's name a couple of times as you converse. 3. Repeat their name under your breath when you part. 4. When you meet the person again, simply say "I'm sorry, I've utterly forgotten your name." Repeat about eight times.
  • Jen Cloher: Why we need a triple j for adults: Radio is about music and people don't stop loving music after they turn 25. If our only music dedicated national network is triple j and their charter is to serve an audience between the ages of 17-24, what are the alternatives?
  • Coalition confirms it will demolish the NBN | Senator Stephen Conroy | Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy: Minister for Broadband, Communications, and the Digital Economy, Senator Stephen Conroy, said today's Dissenting Report of the Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network confirms that the Coalition will demolish the NBN if elected. ... "Only Labor will build the NBN." Coalition and Labor actually having a properly different policy... crazy times. We need the NBN. Our connectivity is not sufficient for our geography.


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