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  • Microaggression and Management — about work — Medium:

    In a system of management where the manager must maintain disproportionate power, things like dissent, disagreement, and conflict present crisis. Many managers will address dissenting employees by derailing and gaslighting them in order to discredit criticism or critical examination.


    The dissenter is characterized as “difficult to work with”, “aggressive”, “insubordinate,” “not a team player” or “not a culture fit”. Often, specific examples of such behavior are either explicitly not provided or extraordinarily weak. The result creates self-doubt in the dissenter while destroying their credibility in the eyes of the broader team and management.

    The dissenter is made to feel that there is criticism from other members of the team or company, but that criticism is provided in an inactionable or vague way that is impossible to critique or examine. This leads employees to feel paranoid, surveilled, and insecure.

  • Gearing up for electric car racing | TG Daily: The world of electric racing got a big boost in name recognition this week when renowned IndyCar team Andretti Autosport, led by household racing name Michael Andretti, became the latest entry in the upcoming FIA Formula E Championship. What’s dubbed as the world’s first fully-electric global racing series will begin in September 2014 and be spread across ten city center circuits.
  • Unbelievable “nail houses” around the world


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