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  • AquaTop Display: AquaTop Display is a projection system that uses white water as a screen surface. This system allows the user ’s limbs to freely move through, under and over the projection surface. Using the unique characteristics of fluid, we propose new interaction methods specific to the projection medium: water. Our system uses a depth camera to detect input on and over the water surface to allow for interactions such as protruding fingers out from under the water surface and scooping up the water with both hands. These type of interactions are not normally possible with current impenetrable rigid surfaces. For example, by floating one ’s limbs on the water surface, it is also possible to fuse one ’s body with the displayed objects for further augmented interaction by ’becoming one ’with the screen. (by 'white water' they're talking about a bath with bath salts, apparently common in japan)
  • A Drinking Glass That Can Prevent Sexual Assault - Core77: Abramson, who had studied engineering in his undergrad years, resolved to make it detectable. After enlisting the help of two of his former professors from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, he formed DrinkSavvy, a company dedicated to producing cocktailware—cups, straws, cocktail stirrers, and drinking glasses—that would change color in the presence of date rape drugs.
  • 25 Things I wish I knew before moving to San Francisco « The Art of Living
  • Pi-to-Go: a Raspberry Pi, screen and keyboard stuffed into a 3D-printed case


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