Was getting excited about this until I noticed that Brisbane gets about half the fucking program of the southern cities - Japanime 02. Fuckers. Self-important, self-fellating, superiority-complexed fuckers. I'm utterly sick of arseholes who think nothing good can exist north of Sydney.

The New York Times discusses Linux as The New Challenge to Microsoft. Saying it's a "new" challenge does push things a bit; but hey, it's a pretty good article. An interesting thought: Government agencies would save large amounts of money if they used open-source software; but they baulk since the open source movement is considered less reliable than for-profit software companies. Apart from this being crap (Micro$oft proves that having money does not ensure good product); they could always contribute something to the cause... eg. spend some of that saved money to hire some work on open-source stuff....

what to say?

Well, it's a year already. Nobody seems to know how to react, so the media is going for the carpet-bombing approach - every one of them is trying to deliver the definitive September 11 tribute. It seems to me that the year went past so quickly that it caught everyone out - the world is still dealing with what happened. Nobody was quite up to an idea for a kind of memorial day.

I just hope the world learned something, although I suspect that it didn't really.

UN to fix refugee system (September 06, 2002). You see, when the *UN* says there's a problem, it's ok. When *Australia* says there's a problem; we're committing an atrocity. "How dare you detain people who can't be identified?" I hear people cry. "Just let everyone live in your country! You've got the room!" ...what, all that desert? The bit you're complaining about because one of the detention centres is there?

Not that I think the world media did a hatchet job on Australia over all this, or anything.

Is that a backlash in your pocket? The Sunday Mail QLD: Man-free zone [01sep02] - several male QUT students are protesting the fact that there are no bursaries for men. There are 12 categories in the Student Guild awards - 9 for women and 3 for minority groups. That means nothing at all for your average guy. Is that equality? Anti-discrimination commissioner Karen Walters said: "Get over it, boys. "Equality doesn't mean treating everyone the same." ...funny, I thought that's exactly what it meant.