because i'm just a sheep, really

...and it's Monday and already work is pissing me off. Refer: I hate repeating mistakes but need to keep my mouth shut anyway.

Very Goth
You scored 67!
You're a Goth. Whether you admit it freely or not there is no denying it. You love the stuff and can't get enough. You decorate your living space in a way that is part morbid part chaotic.I'm sure your music is mostly Goth/Industrial/Darkwave. Wherever you go you're probably dressed mostly in black.Not only do you know who Switchblade Symphony is, you own every CD and EP they ever put out. Your dream profession is definitely something that benefits goths - Tattoo artist, goth DJ, freelance Gothic artist, Gothy comic creator ect.ect.ect...

The test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

You scored higher than 57% on gothies

The GOTH Test.

Meh. They're wrong you know. I don't have any Switchblade Symphony. Plus I outright guessed on the comic questions. Does 'obsessive web geek' count as an artistic endeavour? :)


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