around the traps

  • I'm just going to point you to linkfrenzy: DrJon Dumps on the Internet Again... Noting:
    • cats in sinks. wtf?
    • don't go to raves in Utah, you'll get attacked by a swat team
    • fat person sues doctor for telling her she needs to lose weight
    • photoshop rollover gallery - this is why magazine people look glossy
    • small, brilliant ads
    • liberated games
    Basically all of the links :) Apparently Drjon likes his women ground fine, with steam forced through them, added to textured milk (or did he mean 'hot and sweet'?).
  • Rocksluts has NIN photos. Wish I'd had the cash to go :( Still... VNV this week :)
  • The demise of Hellbane leads to promotion of's brisbane forum, albeit with a very slow rate of takeup so far. I'm starting to think would be better with one big forum, and just separate post areas for events/shops per city. music, movies, general chat... seems we should all have some form of common ground. Why segregate? But then, I come from a city with a relatively small population and accordingly a small scene.
  • A Softer World is now selling prints
  • On the internet, nobody knows you're a.... (not entirely worksafe).
  • More shots of the ninja cats! airborne cats - a photoset on Flickr


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