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  • It's hopeless - The Jay-Z of Blogging: So I figure, it's been a few years, let me download the open source image editing application 'Gimp'. Maybe it's technically called 'The GIMP', I'm not sure. There's probably a recursive acronym in there, but clearly this is the work of a group whose branding efforts would probably name a PowerPoint clone 'The Retard'.
  • Boing Boing: Cute pink tank cozy
  • - Gallery. Makes XP purty. Nine out of ten mac heads couldn't tell the difference. (ducks and runs...)
  • IPac - The worst bill you?ve never heard of: Simply put, SIRA fundamentally redefines copyright and fair use in the digital world. It would require all incidental copies of music to be licensed separately from the originating copy.
  • Security | InsideGoogle | part of the Blog News Channel: [I]f you include a short string of JavaScript code in a Gmail message, you can cause Gmail to execute the code. The JavaScript needs to be short enough to be displayed in the preview snippet in your inbox. You can stop the problem by turning off snippets; which some people have reported improves performance/load times anyway.


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