sydney at midnight

water echos thuds
of exploding firework shells
night becoming day

fire erupts from bridge
then more from city buildings
crowds look on in awe

shivers up my spine
as the very city roars
one million cheers

At midnight last night we were sitting on bollards on a wharf, right on the water at Pyrmont. We had a view of the bridge, the city and one of the barge launch points (we were close to where I took this photo). There was a real buzz through the crowd - plenty of room for everyone, no stress.

Darling Harbour jumped the gun, then there was a countdown and the main event kicked off. The noise was amazing, if you've ever heard black powder canons being fired that's what it was like.

When the cheer went up I thought I was hearing things... but, I shit you not, you could hear the cheering from the CBD. It echoed between the skyscrapers and around the harbour. One million people come to Sydney for new year's eve and it sounded like they all cheered when the fireworks started.

It was a hell of a show.

Happy new year, all.

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Anonymous Anonymous  

January 07, 2007 2:29 pm

That photo was good i ve been to sydney only once .. i m n brisbane .. But i like it in sydney ..i had to go there regarding my business trip for my business its a nice place i had one of my cleints there ..

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