that 1 guy / brisbane

Alrighty, I should mention... we'll be at the That 1 Guy gig in Brisbane on Friday. It's been moved to The Shamrock.

It's about the only time we'll be out and about during a flying visit back to Brisbane, so if you're there keep an eye out for us :)

For people anywhere else on the east coast, take note! He's playing near you... get along! Buy the new album! :)


the cool seems settled
the air has winter's first touch
i close my jacket

Walking to the coffee shop this afternoon, the street felt cool on a level deeper than a cool breeze can create. It feels like the day you know summer is done, but winter isn't here yet. But of course being Sydney I don't really know for sure - I've spent most of my life in Brisbane so I don't truly know how to read the weather here.

So the cool hit my face and I had a flood of memories, I guess we'd always visited Sydney in cooler months. Suddenly I have the thought this is what I remember, this is the Sydney I knew before I moved here.

Six months and it still seems vaguely unreal, still a bit unsettled. But then life in Brisbane wasn't so very different... maybe it's my life that's a bit unsettled, not the place I'm living in. Or maybe I just miss my family, who are gathered on the farm this easter, cooking up a storm, watching the latest James Bond movie and no doubt having a drink or two.

Maybe I'm just feeling the distance more because I have a slight touch of 'flu (I'm hoping it doesn't get worse). Being sick always makes things seem less fun.

concrete cafe I go to the cafe where they know us well enough to remind Leah if she forgets sugar in my coffee. I grab a paper on the way back.

Buying the paper seems odd now - there's always the hint of work. I see papers with online offers and wonder which of the guys did the update. I'm on a project or it probably would have been me. But that minor thought passes and it's just the Sunday paper again - a TV Guide wrapped in newsprint.

So now we have coffee, Leah is curled up on the couch reading the paper and I'm about to dive into a DOM scripting book that's well overdue for proper attention. To top it off, we have another whole day off tomorrow.

So, I wrote a haiku and this post. I took the photos a while back, doing the same walk, and remembered to post them now.

So that's today so far ;)

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