rock climbing

trusting my body
(which i haven't done in years)
i climb the rock wall

irrational fear
drowning out logical thoughts
i jump off the ledge

i hear people cheer
while i let go of the bar
leap of faith is done


On Wednesday night I went rock climbing for the first time ever. Fun, scary, highly recommended :)

Part of the first night experience was doing the Leap Of Faith (my friends kindly built it up into a big thing ;)). It's where you climb up to a ledge, then leap off to a trapeze, then let go and a descender brings you down.

I have to admit, I just wasn't prepared for how scared I was when I stood up on the ledge. I expected to be nervous, not hind-brain scared. But I eventually managed to stop shaking, keep chalk on my hands without sweating it off, and make myself jump off.

So anyway, now I just keep thinking about the next climb :)

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