ten years

Wow. Would you believe this blog has been up for ten years now? That's why I've given the blog a little design update - just something to mark a decade of blogging the creme de la crap of the websites passing through my browser ;)

I had a bit of a wander through the wayback machine (still in beta, bless 'em) to remind myself how the blog had changed over a decade...


The first design was what I nicknamed 'pimpazz orange and grey':

I can't find the source anymore, but I was amused by some random blogger who had declared "nothing says 'I'm a pimpazz designer, y'alls' like orange and grey"..

Under the bonnet it was a css/table hybrid design, mostly because it was a lightly-modified base Blogger theme and they were pretty much all tables at the time.


That was replaced around 2004 by a blue and grey design:

For a while you could choose either the orange or blue design, since CSS Zen Garden was still about as hot as it got on the web at the time. I've no idea if anyone ever flicked that switch other than me; and eventually I just maintained the blue one.


I was never entirely happy with the blue design though and eventually got around to replacing it with the 'grey boxes' design in 2007:

I've often referred to this design in a sort of cautionary manner - "let me design it and you'll get shades of grey..."


Bringing us to the latest design, an evolution of the grey theme:

This one's built with new HTML5 elements and a responsive stylesheet to help deal with the modern browser landscape of desktops, tablets and phones.

So, there you have it... ten years worth of this blog. I know a few people still read it, although I suspect mostly via various forms of syndication... hope you're still getting some enjoyment out of it :)

around the traps

shared canon

a song that recalls
fine company and single malt
warmth on a cold night

cathartic soundtrack
a friend's well-travelled album
deeply personal

stories and songs shared
are maps to find future roads
adding to canon

not mere possessions
far more than discs or downloads
music shapes our lives

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