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2015 mix tape

So this year Grooveshark and This Is My Jam both bit the dust, so I'm going to try a YouTube playlist. Hopefully that will last a bit longer ;)

Kick this off and it should play through:

(2015 mix tape - YouTube)

  1. Ministry - Thieves. Saw Ministry live :)
  2. Leftfield - Universal Everything. First great album of the year.
  3. Mr Scruff - Music Takes Me Up. One of those bouncy little riffs that sticks with you.
  4. Thievery Corporation - The Forgotten People. And another bouncy little riff.
  5. The Delta Bombers - Tin Can Boogie. Feel like I should be sitting in a basement bar drinking whisky. This is a good thing, btw.
  6. Phosgore - Here Comes The Pain. Jokingly said we should play this during personal training.
  7. Regurgitator - Fuck You Sweetness. Hadn't looked into the Gurge's back catalogue for a while after we missed their sydney gig due to illness. This one's a cracker!
  8. Iron Maiden - Wasted Years & Caught Somewhere In Time. \m/
  9. The Bravery - Above and Below. For a while it was hard to get The Bravery's stuff due to various record label fuckery; but I finally heard something other than their self-titled album... and there's some great stuff!
  10. Sim Gretina - Friend Like Me (Sim Gretina Remix). Straight up due to ALADDIN MAGIC CARPET PRANK - YouTube.
  11. Professor Elemental - Under Command of the King & The Inn at the End of Time. Both are on YouTube but "unavailable"... you can always check back in on #ProfessorElemental - YouTube later I guess.
  12. Tycho Brahe - Savage. Tycho dropped part three of Triplex :)
  13. B.B. King - The Thrill Is Gone. Obvious reasons.
  14. Motorhead - The Ace Of Spades. Obvious reasons.

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