locked and lost

the larval monuments lurk unlit
beneath their laddered guards
as gaping grounds of labour
ooze corrupt towers of glass

stolen glints from half-blank windows
dust and grime and protective film
wraps the dirty concrete newborn
of a city locked out and spent

the king hits of impotent rage
fall short of the puppet's masters
but strike all young dreams down
to leave only a mother's grief

wars of words whip around us
into polls and posts and papers
but none of that will find a fix
for empty seats or brooding streets

we brought this down upon ourselves
allowing spiteful polls and slogans
a nation voting from the bottom up
gets not needs but just desserts

our bloody beginnings are denied
whether native or convict or settler
despite the stone beneath our feet
collecting the wear of future past

was humanity lost or never here?
did our hearts and hands ever share?
for the way was lost along the way
and we wonder where to find it




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