around the traps

around the traps

around the traps

2019 mix tape

Background if you care:

  1. Cashout - Fugazi. Digging back into old punk stuff got me onto Fugazi and this classic protest song.
  2. FIGJAM - Butterfingers. Saw Butterfingers live on the Breakfast At Fatboys tour. Hell of a lot of fun.
  3. Wolf Totem - The Hu. Seems people either love or hate these guys. I think they're great and really only hamming it up as much as any other metal band. They just have a really big budget for film clips ;)
  4. midas heel & drama free (feat. Lights) - deadmau5. Listened to these as a pair a lot when they came out as a single, basically feels like one track. Dug back into the deadmau5 back catalogue a lot this year.
  5. Let It Go - Sietta. Interesting soul/electronic duo from Darwin, pity more people don't know them. Spotify popped them up as I have Caiti Baker's solo stuff. I get the feeling even they think the film clip is overwrought but the song's great.
  6. Schism - Tool. Tool finally decided to join the streaming world, so I no longer had to pull out my ipod to listen to their back catalogue. Apparently I've gone from a die-hard iPod Classic user to a Spotify junkie. There are clearly two camps - the "I'm over Tool" and "fuck yeah new album and tour"... you can guess which one I'm in ;) It's probably their swansong and epitaph but it was fun to see Tool owning the charts and confusing da yoof.
  7. DEUTSCHLAND - Rammstein. Speaking of well-executed more-of-the-same, Rammstein dropped this jaw-dropping clip seemingly out of nowhere. Part socio-political commentary and part trolling, making it typical Rammstein fare. Interesting statement on a nation's relationship with its history, or cynical attention seeking? You decide.
  8. Closedown - The Cure. We got lucky and had nearly-front-row tickets to see The Cure play Disintegration at the Opera House. I nearly didn't include it in the list because, honestly, I was a bit overwhelmed. Also which song to include? My favourite song's on the album but that's a moment I won't attempt to share. In the end I chose this because Cooper's drumming was just superb on the night and this track really showed it off. It's not actually all about our beloved Bob ;)
  9. Shudder/King Of Snake - Underworld. Back at the Opera House just a few nights later, almost in the same seats. An unexpected standout of Vivid Live, it deserved the rave reviews. I'd wanted to see Underworld live ever since I'd heard the Everything Everything version of Rez/Cowgirl on my car radio nearly 20 years ago. Despite that, I'd been preoccupied with The Cure and hadn't built up big expectations around this gig. But hooooooly shit. They ripped the roof off the place. The band were incredible and the crowd fed it back, demanding an encore so loud and long that turning the house lights on didn't move us. The band came out and did an encore, exclaiming... "we don't do this... YOU did this!" No recording can capture it.
  10. Into The Abyss - Hilltop Hoods. New Hilltops = high rotation.
  11. Hey Ladies (Paul Nice Remix) - Beastie Boys. Just a catchy remix.
  12. Please - U2. I got a line from this stuck in my head for days before we saw The Joshua Tree. We didn't get it on the night but somehow this is the track that feels right for the mix tape. Also since this surprises someone every single time - yes I really do like U2.

Honourable mention goes to the Black Hole Recordings psytrance recordings, Psytrance 2018 vols 1 & 2:

They hit the spot and helped get a lot of code written, but several hours of bleepy psytrance doesn't really fit into a mix tape.