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Molly put out a challenge to Twitter in haiku for 24 hours. I didn't keep it going for the entire 24 hours, but I did write a few haiku. These were all Twittered in the past 36 hours or so.

returning from lunch
email vies for attention
yet i twitter first

twenty-four hours long
creative jam from molly
can we keep this up?

apple glitz and glam
reality check required
for iphone mania

squealing macbook pros
malarkey's third degree burns
never buy gen one!

change freeze is lifted
launch storm blows in at gale force
servers slowing down

my experience:
macs crash like any other
i get evil ones

i must admit it
osx is better, but
not enough to switch

twitter 404
not the funniest ever
but still amusing

aircon up so high
the cold seeps in through my shoes
meeting in "the fridge"

* The Mac-related posts were a response to people telling me to buy a Mac, unprovoked as far as I can remember! The OSX comment, in context, referred to it being better than previous versions of MacOS.

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Anonymous Anonymous  

March 29, 2008 2:10 am

Thought you might be interested in this Facebook group (provided you are a Facebook user) called:
The Twitter Haiku Movement

Come and join us! ^_^

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