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Dentist visit. The usual check and clean, but the really evil thing was getting a splint made up (sits on your front teeth to stop you clenching your jaw). The stuff they use smells and tastes terrible. As I told them, if I was ever unfortunate enough to lick a car tyre that's what I imagine it would taste like.

Dinner tasted very strange afterwards.

stuff for sale

You knew this was coming after the Sydney post... it's moving sale time!

For sale (including a couple of freebies): Entertainment unit, full set of golf clubs, microwave unit/cupboard, innerspring mattress, black metal shelves, black desk, single pine bed frame, black bookcase.

For photos, prices and details see:

around the traps

alright, i'm taking this baby to mexico

There's a saying that you should do something every day which scares you. Frankly I think it's bullshit, since every single day would either be impractical or require being afraid of the toaster.

But you do have to do things that scare you. The past week has ranged from 'nervous' to 'bloody terrified', so I think I'm set for a while.

On Friday I resigned at Griffith, to take up a new job with a little media company you might have heard of. I guess the journalism degree will be vaguely relevant to my career after all ;) I'll still be doing web development, but it'll be interesting to work in the media industry.

So, this means we're moving to Sydney. Hence the mexico reference. I start the new job in just four weeks. Hellfuck!

It wasn't an easy decision - first off to be leaving a job that, on average, has been great. Six years seem to have flown past, especially these last couple of years working with a bunch of talented crazy people. What more can you ask for, eh? :)

Leaving Brisbane isn't taken lightly either. There are a lot of people and places here that we love and will miss. But we also know it's time to get out of the comfort zone and try a new city.

We couldn't decide between Sydney and Melbourne, so I applied for jobs in both and thought fate would decide...

As it turned out, I had to choose between two completely different jobs - one in Sydney and one in Melbourne. There was sort of a third option, but we didn't fancy moving to Oslo. In the space of three days I went from "oh yeah we're looking to move" to "right, ok, I have two opportunities and basically want both of them".

But you can't have both, so I closed my eyes and jumped.

In the end I'm sad to leave Brisbane, disappointed to turn down the Melbourne job and excited to accept the Sydney job. Then a big dash of freaked out about the logistics of getting down there in time!

So, there you have it :)


how to make a tricorne pirate hat

As some of you know, I regularly dress up as a pirate. Not for any specific reason (other than it's lots of fun), it just seems to happen.

So anyway, last time we did this we wanted to wear the classic Tricorne hat (aka. tri-corn, tricorn or tri-cornered hat). Similar to what Captain Jack Sparrow can be seen sporting in Pirates of the Carribean. No, I wasn't dressing up as Jack; I just wanted to roll him for his hat.

What we quickly discovered was that you can't find them for love or money (at least where I live, if ye hail from Tortuga feel free to skip this post). We ended up making them. I say we, actually L did the work and I just drove us around to get stuff.

So anyway, how to make a tricorne hat!

  1. Get one round, floppy felt hat; plain with no hatband or stitching. We actually got them cheap from some fast-food fashion shop at Indooroopilly (insert the name of your largest local shopping mall).
  2. Turn up two sides and secure with large X stitches (one per side). The X stitches are a visible feature, don't be shy.
  3. Roll the third side under itself (sort of double it over) and stitch down however you want. That's the back.

You probably want to try pinning the hat first before stitching, to make sure you're happy with the placement. You will obviously need a strong needle to go through the felt.

Arr matey, ye have ye hat! Decorate as desired.

around the traps

around the traps

  • Plasma TVs: a girl's new best friend - Home Theatre - AtHome - Technology: Diamonds are no longer a girl's best friend, according to a new US study that found three of four women would prefer a new plasma TV to a diamond necklace.
  • God takes an almighty battering from Gen-Y | FEWER than half of young Australians believe in God, but a growing number are turning towards tarot readers and psychics for answers. "I don't believe in god, but I do believe in crusty hippies!" said one Gen-Y youth. "Hey it's not like you can expect me to try and make a decision on my own."
  • messy networks... and how.
  • The Sydney Morning Herald Blogs: The Daily Truth / Some days I just don't get it Archives: The idea that there might be people out there who are worried that they can't properly feed their children, or that there might be children in my own street who, through sheer luck of the draw, wouldn't know a good breakfast but for the Red Cross, shouldn't come as a shock, I guess. But it did. And when I woke this morning to the news that Rio Tinto had posted a half-yearly profit of nearly $5 billion, and that three desperados crashed their car through a servo to make off with the ATM, and that, while all of this was going on, someone thinks Elvis's teddy bear worth $99,000, I really started wondering about the guy who invented money in the first place, and what for.
  • Woman forces US record industry to drop file-sharing case | The Register : Marson argued that as a cheerleader teacher she had had hundreds of girls through her house, any one of whom could have used her computer. "I've had hundreds of cheerleaders through my house" probably isn't an argument many people could try. But it would certainly be worth seeing the judge's face. She also used a wireless internet network, meaning that people outside of her house could have used her internet connection. That's an interesting point. If someone runs an insecure wireless network, literally anyone with a wireless card can use their account. Some people also point out that the average wireless network's security can be broken easily enough for a halfway serious hacker (or bored teenager). How can the RIAA prove that it didn't happen?
  • deviantART: jisuk's Gallery. deviantART: deep thoughts by =jisuk hahaha.

around the traps

how aussie...

Oh man. I thought people were actually joking when they talked about this... Young man survives ravine plunge:

An Australian man is recovering from a close brush with death after surviving a fall of nearly 30 metres into a ravine in East Vancouver on Tuesday.


Vancouver fire department Capt. Rick Matsen says it was obvious the man had been drinking until just moments before his fall.

"Well, it just so happens he had a beer with him when he was brought up," he said.

"Still in his hands?" asked a reporter.

"Still in his hands, yup. He held on to it pretty tight, I'm thinking," said Matsen.

Strine of the year.